What Precious Metal Is Best For Investing Your Money?

When it comes to investment, it’s clear that there are a few choices that give you a certain return of investment. Real Estate, bonds, and precious metals.

If you want to invest in turning around your money fast and make more from them, there are other choices too. These three are the main choices when people want to convert their money into a different asset and be sure that they are not going to lose a dime over time. See more about investing here.

When it comes to real estate, it’s clear that the value of it never drops, but depending on many factors, the property you’re going to invest in might be affected by different things. The bonds are a way to make sure your money is not going to be stolen or disappear because governments and state institutions simply can’t vanish. You can be sure that your money will get back with an interest.

However, when it comes to making an investment in which you can be completely sure that nothing can go wrong, then you buy precious metals. The real question here is, which one?

Should it be one of the oldest and most common one – silver? Maybe the most famous one – gold? How about some of the popular choices right now – platinum or rhodium? How to choose which one is the best for you?

The most common metals that people buy today are definitely gold and platinum. The gold vs. platinum investing is a common topic on the internet and people often argue which one is better over the other. The truth is – there is no better. Whatever you prefer more is the best choice.

So what are the advantages of both and what disadvantages the own? Let’s go over both choices a little more to find out which one is more suitable for you.


This metal is more expensive than the other. That means, if you want to invest a lot of money, this is the better choice. People are not investing large amounts in silver because they need to buy a whole truck of it and that misses the whole point of converting money into metals.

It melts on 1947 degrees which makes it a pretty durable material giving it an advantage over many other metals. For example, silver melts on 1763. Some might say that this is not a huge difference but when you take more factors into play, it turns out that it’s better to invest in the first one and not the second.

Gold is easy to trade with too. You can walk into any store selling jewelry and they’ll be happy to buy it from you for a good price. When it comes to some less popular materials, this is not going to be so easy. Not every place wants to deal with Iridium for example. You might have it, you know how much it’s worth, but you simply have no one to sell it to so you can make money. Gold doesn’t have this problem. You have it, you go and sell it. That’s it.


The first ones who adopted minting these coins were the Russians. In the USA, platinum was well known, but it had no value and people were only been using it as a fraud item. Later, when the true value was discovered, the American government too started minting some of them.

Today, this metal has a high price. One troy ounce is sold for around $970. With it, it makes a great choice for many investors who don’t like gold for some reason.

One of the reasons is that platinum is looking very elegant and appealing. Most coins that are carved from other metals are now being done in this one too, so people have no problem in collecting them this way. See more about precious metals in general here: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/p/preciousmetal.asp.

Its melting point is 3214 degrees which makes it practically indestructible from fires. The weight is almost the same as gold so put everything together, it’s great having platinum bullions and having them as an investment.

You never know how times will change. Maybe sometime in the future, this one will reach the other metals at price and you’ll profit way more than expected.

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