Bad Credit Cards – 7 Things You Should Know

When you are searching for bad credit credit cards, weeding unhealthy credit cards in the high quality ones is the same as hunting for a needle inside a haystack. Because of so many predatory lenders stepping into unhealthy credit card arena, it’s crucial that you follow these seven rules if you wish to don’t get taken through the bad credit cards available.

1. Never Repay Front

The very first factor you must know when confronted with bad credit credit cards, and bad credit cards generally, is the fact that no legitimate credit card offer will need you to pay money in advance. If your credit card issuer will not process the application without you delivering within an up-front fee, it is a scam. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about this.

2. You might want to Pay it off

Now, simply because you are not likely to repay front for bad credit credit cards does not mean you are not likely to pay whatsoever. When credit card companies require a yearly fee, it does not imply that it isn’t the best credit card offer.

The main difference between your bad credit cards and also the good credit cards would be that the good credit cards charges you your annual fee towards the credit card they’re issuing — they will not ask that you should spend the money for fee in advance.

3. Interest Will Hurt — However It Does not Need To Kill You

When confronted with bad credit credit cards, you will need to pay a greater rate of interest than individuals with good credit. That does not, however, mean that you ought to pay with the nose.

If you are being billed greater than 20 % interest, you are coping with bad credit cards. Despite bad credit, you will be able to keep your rate of interest below 20 %.

4. You might have to Secure It

If you are credit is not sufficiently good to enough to qualify you to have an unsecured credit card, you may have to stay for any guaranteed one. What this means is you will probably have to provide a burglar deposit that’ll be accustomed to be sure that your credit limit.

Should you deposit $200, your credit limit ought to be $200. However, a few of the bad credit cards will request you to deposit greater than the credit line they’re issuing you.

If this sounds like the situation, go elsewhere for the credit card needs.

5. Guaranteed versus. Prepaid

Since we have covered guaranteed credit cards, it’s essential that you realize that guaranteed credit cards are not the same from prepaid credit cards.

While prepaid credit cards do serve an objective, they’re bad credit cards if you are attempting to rebuild your credit, given that they don’t report almost anything to the credit bureuas.

Make certain when trying to get a guaranteed credit card the credit card issuer will report your instalments towards the credit reporting agencies.

6. Adding up

When trying to get bad credit credit cards, make certain the charges and credit limit offered seem sensible with regards to each other.

There are several horrible credit cards available on the market that charge exhorbinant charges and issue really small lines of credit.

For instance, they company may charge a $79 annual fee along with a $85 processing fee, only issue a $200 type of credit. Which means that you simply possess a credit type of $36 available once the card arrives, along with a debt in excess of $160.

7. Watch Individuals Elegance Periods

When confronted with bad credit credit cards, you will must watch individuals elegance periods and seriously consider whenever your payment arrives.

Some bad credit cards may have very little elegance period whatsoever, and when you obtain the balance, the payment has already been due — departing you virtually no time to transmit your payment in.

This really is not a good idea and great for the credit card issuer.


Since these bad credit cards may then add late charges and may increase your rate of interest because of the “late” payment you had no control of.

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