A Guide to Know About the Best Funding Options for Fix and Flip Loans

The real estate investors can grow their house flipping business with the help of fix and flip loans. Firstly, you need to find a property, and then decide how to get the financing to fix the property. So that it can be sold further to make a profit.

It is very important for you as a real investor to know how to get the funds? As it is highly necessary to expand your business and get good returns when you sell the property.

When you are looking for funding for the house flipping, then struggling to get it through the bank is not a suitable option. If you have found the property and it is worth investing Capital Fund 1 is a reliable money lender. It provides far better services in terms of loans as compared to the residential hard money lenders who charge a high rate of interest for the loan.

Fix and Flip Loans Funding Options for Flipping Houses

There are many choices for availing the fix and flip loans. You can seek the ones which are best for you. Let us know about the best types:

  • Family or Friend Loans

In case, you are looking for fix and flip loans then taking assistance from your friends and relatives is the right choice. This is because you already have personal connection with them. They can work as a lender for you. The interest rates are also less. You need to follow a few rules when you are borrowing from them, as it is required in all types of loans.

  • Look for A Financing Partner

It is the best option for house flippers who are experienced in house flipping and have good knowledge about the market. Their network should be strong so that they get a financing partner. The different tasks can be shared among partners like planning the renovation, searching for the best flipping opportunity along with supplying the fix and flip financing.

  • Home Equity Loan

It is considered best for those who are homeowners and have a 20 % equity in their residence. You are supposed to have sufficient monthly income. Then it becomes easier to pay home equity loans.

  • 401(k) Financing

House flippers who have more than enough retirement savings are the ideal candidate for fix and flip loans, and not suitable for those who are approaching retirement.

  • Personal Loans

Good for the house flippers whose credit score is more and they need fewer funds. Interest rates are very low and it can be paid in monthly installments between three to a four-year term. The amount of loan which you get is small. You have to combine it with other loans to get assistance for fix and flip.

  • Hard Money Loans

These are the right option for borrowers having a bad credit score. These are provided by private lenders. The interest rates are higher. Think about the other options for borrowing money before you apply for a hard money loan.


You can avail fix and flip loans easily when you make use of these options. Make profit by flipping the houses and grow your business. Although there are many options, seek one which suits your requirement.

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